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Improving Your Jazz Piano Improvisation With Ornaments

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Most of the time improv will sound bland not because of the notes...but because of the RHYTHMS! I when I made this little epiphany back in my earlier days it completely transformed my soloing. In this episode how you can add ornaments to your improv lines so they sound 100x times better. Here we go!


Have you been trying to learn jazz piano with youtube videos, dvds, teachers but feel
like you're still constantly guessing, can't play any tunes without copying what someone else has played,
and don't know how to connect all the tid bits you've learned?

I went through the same thing but thankfully stumbled upon a learning system I created based on
proven language learning blocks.

The JPS System brings you through 4 main categories of learning,
Theory, Technique, Improvisation and Repertoire.

I'll show you exactly how to utilize our popular system so
you can finally achieve jazz piano freedom: http://jazzpianoschool.com/lookinside


Get more FREE jazz piano education from us!

Facebook: https://facebook.com/jazzpianoschool
Blog: http://jazzpianoschool.com/blog
Lick of The Week: https://jazzpianoschool.com/lotd/

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