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Angelo Debarre - Joseph Joseph (Gypsy Jazz)

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Angelo Debarre improvises over the changes of Joseph Joseph. Excerpt from In The Style Of Angelo Debarre Vol.7

We've already released four volumes where Angelo shares his thoughts on music. What more could we have done? Actually, Angelo has a specialty: playing in a very relaxed way over fast tempo songs. His secret? To feel the time at half the time and to phrase in that way. So if a song is at 300bpm, he will often feel it at 150bpm and phrase in that way. He will go in and out of the real tempo and the half time feel, thus creating very interesting solos! All the playing examples will be transcribed, and we hope that students can incorporate the time feel into their playing so that blazing tempos are no longer a problem! It takes a while to get used to this feel, and you will have to work a lot on triplet phrasing (which end up being quarter note triplets over the fast tempo). Here's a perfect demonstration!

Rhythm Guitar: Denis Chang

Angelo Debarre is a French guitarist born into the Django Reinhardt Gypsy tradition. Having lived in a caravan for many decades, he spent his youth performing in France with family and friends. On top of his love for the music of Django Reinhardt, he is also well known for his passion for eastern European music which he discovered in the 80s, when many eastern European Gypsy musicians were performing in Paris at the Roue Fleurie. Today, he is recognized as one of the top Gypsy Jazz guitarists in the world.

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